What can you spin, knit, and crochet with? Wool! 

Ok maybe that was too easy for you to answer. Did you know that wool has waves in it. These waves are called crimp. The smaller the crimp, the finer the wool. The finer the wool the softer the wool feels against your skin. The softer fleeces may come from Merinos, Rambouillet, or even some Columbia sheep. These fleeces can be spun into yarn that could make a sweater that would be comfortable to wear against your skin with no irritation. Coarser wool fleeces may come from Targhees, Cordiales, or some Columbia sheep. This wool can cause irritation of the skin (not an allergic reaction) and is more suitable for socks or winter clothing.

For those of you that are Nascar fans, the suits that the drivers wear is made of wool. Wool is resistant to fire and will actually put itself out. So the next time you go to make something or purchase clothing consider wool.