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Flavor Pairings with Lamb

Traditional herbs and flavors like mint, garlic, rosemary, red wine and thyme continue to be the core flavors paired with lamb entrée dishes, according to a quantitative research study of fine dining operations by Datassential MenuTrends™. The study which analyzed... Continue Reading →

On-Farm or Ranch Security

Increasingly, animal rights extremists are turning their focus to agriculture, utilizing misleading undercover videos and multi-million dollar political campaigns in an effort to drive farmers and ranchers out of business. These highly edited images are distributed to the media to... Continue Reading →

Goat Milk for Allergies

Though cross-reactivity can happen, many people who are allergic to cow’s milk find that they can drink and eat dairy products made from goat milk. The reason is, each species has slightly different proteins in their milk and, of those... Continue Reading →

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