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Ultrasound Clinic – July 22 & 23, 2022

Scottsbluff, NE –

The Nebraska Sheep & Goat Producers are excited to announce that we will be hosting an Ultrasound Clinic in Scottsbluff, NE this summer on July 22nd & July 23rd.  We will be having ReproScan Ultrasound Technologies conducting a hands-on clinic for producers. This is clinic will be a two-day, introductory course to the basics of small ruminant ultrasound. There will be an afternoon lecture with hands on training to follow the morning of July 23rd.

ReproScan was started in 2008 by veterinarians with the goal of providing portable, durable, functional, and affordable ultrasound equipment to veterinarians and progressive livestock operations. ReproScan’s contributions to the development of veterinary ultrasound include introducing the first convex rectal probe for extension arm ultrasound and improvements to wireless sunlight friendly monitors. Since 2008, ReproScan has successfully introduced 8 portable ultrasound units and several viewing devices to the marketplace. ReproScan looks forward to an exciting future in the ever-changing and challenging field of veterinary ultrasound equipment.

This clinic will be limited to 15 participants with only one producer per operation.  Deadline to register is July 1, 2022.  For more information contact Melissa Nicholson at ne.sheep.goat@gmail.

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Nebraska Extension Sheepextensionpic and Goat Page

The University of Nebraska sheep and goat extension program is demand driven, seeking to address the specific needs of producers as they arise. The goal of the program is to provide assistance to producers and interested youth to help them become efficient producers with a broad knowledge of the industry.



Greetings From the Board President

February is upon us, the shortest month of the year. On our farm, we are anticipating our lambing season to start any time now. I know many of you are doing the same or are already underway. The Association
just wrapped their Lambing and Kidding School at the end of Jan-uary, and it was a great refresher for all things lambing and kidding. Over 40 participants joined us to hear our presentation. And I would personally like to thank all of those who attended and also my fellow board members for organizing such a wonderful event.

While on the subject of lambs, I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked, recently, if these lamb prices will stay. And if you’re not in the loop on the lamb prices, go check out the livestock market reports from past weeks. The sheep industry is seeing one of the highest prices in history. But will it stick around? I’m ever the optimist and many of the market analyst’s (who spend more time than I do deciphering the ups and downs of the market) agree that 2022 will still be a year for good lamb prices in both feeder lambs, fat/slaughter lambs, and sheep in general. They seem to agree that they will decline slightly in 2023.

Whether they are right or not remains unseen, but I think there is a really good lesson in there for all of us as producer’s whether it be sheep or goats. We need to stay up to date with how our product is doing in the market. Reading market reports or the ASI magazine reports is a great way to stay ahead of the game. Knowing when to sell can take a good, priced product to a great priced product. If I had a crystal ball to predict the market futures, I would make all of us wealthy shepherds, but alas I don’t. An informed producer is always able to make an informed decision versus making a decision out of panic.

With that in mind, we have Be-ginning Shepherd program again this year. We will be releasing all the details and the enrollment form to attend in the coming weeks. Our programming is another great way to stay informed about what is happening and getting a refresher on skills or maybe even learn something new within our industry.

Until next time, have a good and prosperous February!  

Who We Are

The Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers Association partners with the American Sheep Industry, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected livestock associations. NS&GP also strongly supports the American Sheep Industry’s reorganization of the American Goat Federation.

These representations help decide the direction and national support of the American sheep and goat industries – not to mention Nebraska’s sheep and goat industries. NS&GP gives a voice to all of Nebraska’s 1,600 sheep and goat producers.

The Nebraska Sheep & Goat Producers Association is the only statewide organization representing and supporting the interests of both sheep and goat producers for the entire state of Nebraska.

Our Mission

The Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers is a domestic livestock association formed to foster, support, protect, and promote the best interests of the sheep and goat producers in the State of Nebraska and the United States of America.

Meet The Board

Nebraska Sheep & Goat Producers Association strives to represent all facets of the sheep and goat industries. We achieve this by holding elections by district once every three years. The Board of Directors is composed of current members in good standing with the association who are selected on their abilities to best represent their respective industry. To learn more about your board click here.