-2022 Lambing and Kidding School-

January 22, 2022

North Platte, NE  

Email ne.sheep.goat@gmail.com to register and more information or on our educational pageHave Triplets they said, It will be fun!




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The University of Nebraska sheep and goat extension program is demand driven, seeking to address the specific needs of producers as they arise. The goal of the program is to provide assistance to producers and interested youth to help them become efficient producers with a broad knowledge of the industry.



Greetings From the Board President

Season Greetings!

Once again the holidays are upon us and being with family to celebrate is one of the many joys this time of year. Everyone will gather to eat and enjoy each others company.  I would like to encourage our members to bring/make lamb or goat for their celebrations this year. We’re all sick of turkey why not make it a meal to remember.

If you are stuck for recipes the American Lamb Board has quite a few and we also have a number of recipes for both lamb and goat as well. While the entree may be the star of the show, you can serve appetizers featuring lamb and goat meat and cheeses on charcuterie board.

While on the note of serving these to your family, why not fill their stocking with products made from both of them. Who wouldn’t love a pair of merino socks or a lovely cashmere sweater? Even a bar of goats milk soap makes a wonderful addition to anyone’s gift!

We have so many wonderful producers in our sector that we really should show off our goods. As you may have heard there is some talk of allowing lamb from the UK to come here. And while it hasn’t gone through, yet, I would highly suggest all of us step up our game in the marketing of our products. We make some of the world’s best lamb and mutton and the more people see and hear from us the less likely they are to buy from somewhere else. We and ASI are closely following this bill to see what comes of it.

On that note, I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Holidays! Stay safe and warm in the coming New Year.

Warmest Wishes,


MARK YOUR CALENDERS. ..Lambing and Kidding School is coming up!

This is one of the many times where our industry can really shine.

We have high quality items, that are made and grown right here in the United States!

Who We Are

The Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers Association partners with the American Sheep Industry, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected livestock associations. NS&GP also strongly supports the American Sheep Industry’s reorganization of the American Goat Federation.

These representations help decide the direction and national support of the American sheep and goat industries – not to mention Nebraska’s sheep and goat industries. NS&GP gives a voice to all of Nebraska’s 1,600 sheep and goat producers.

The Nebraska Sheep & Goat Producers Association is the only statewide organization representing and supporting the interests of both sheep and goat producers for the entire state of Nebraska.

Our Mission

The Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers is a domestic livestock association formed to foster, support, protect, and promote the best interests of the sheep and goat producers in the State of Nebraska and the United States of America.

Meet The Board

Nebraska Sheep & Goat Producers Association strives to represent all facets of the sheep and goat industries. We achieve this by holding elections by district once every three years. The Board of Directors is composed of current members in good standing with the association who are selected on their abilities to best represent their respective industry. To learn more about your board click here.