Daaan’s Bleats

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,”. To borrow part of the opening line from Charles Dickens 1859 novel A Tale of Two Cities, seems to fit the current state of the sheep and goat industry. To list worst of times, we could say low market demand and prices, drought-exacerbated high grain and forage prices and subsequent lack of forage availability, and above usual fuel, fence, and other input costs. On the other hand, what an opportune time to upgrade or expand a flock or herd with selective breeding stock or to implement new management or marketing strategies! As the year ends and into 2023 spring we will cycle through several traditional lamb or goat consumption holidays, both Christian and Ethnic, that have been lacking this fall.
I personally have been contacted by 3 operations looking to add female numbers and/or to explore accelerated birthing programs. The NSGPA is doing its best to assist with this interest by providing presentations covering topics of health, reproduction, nutrition, care/handling, and facility ideas to consider. The annual State Conference held last September in North Platte gave producers several possibilities to explore in these areas of management.

Coming in January is the annual ASI Convention in Fort Worth, Texas, which will serve to provide informational workshops and also policy direction on the national scope. Currently the NSGPA has the planning stages for two January Nebraska Lambing/Kidding Schools with locations at each end of the state. Pertinent agendas are being developed to address needs or concerns by Nebraska producers. I invite any lamb or goat producer with specific topics they desire to be addressed to please share with an association board member to explore for program inclusions.

We have wethered these times before. (pun intended) Think back to 2011 (good) and 2012 (worse) for markets and feed. We had a lively discussion at the annual conference about the future of ovine operations, with advocates for both, total confinement to rural non-utilized pasture. There was a consensus of opportunity for both systems and for other various combinations or systems, finding the one that fits your specific resources. The late Robert Alschwede of Crete used to say every farmer could feed 20 head for almost free, just by grazing the weeds in their machinery lot. Times like these are times to become more efficient and to be creative with production and marketing.

Today’s producers have a lot of production tools available that did not exist 30-40 years ago. We have to find and use these tools. The NSGPA is your organization trying to pro-vide ideas for its members and to promote our product.

Daniel Stehlik, President NSGPA

Upcoming Events

Nebraska Sheep & Goat ~Lambing and Kidding School

January 21, 2023 ~ Lincoln (Agenda link below)

Lambing and Kidding flyer and agenda

January 28, 2022 ~ Gordon (Flyer link below)

West Lambing and Kidding flyer

Lambing and Kidding School to be held in Eastern and Western Nebraska.  One in Lincoln starting with a tour at Pickinpaugh Livestock and finishing at Plum Creek Farms of Burchard Nebraska on January 21.  The other will be at Craven Feed Center in Gordon Nebraska on January 28. Featured speaker at Gordon will be Alison Crane from Wyoming Wool Growers. Please register at the location provided in the flyers link is located above. 






The University of Nebraska sheep and goat extension program is demand driven, seeking to address the specific needs of producers as they arise. The goal of the program is to provide assistance to producers and interested youth to help them become efficient producers with a broad knowledge of the industry.



Who We Are

The Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers Association partners with the American Sheep Industry, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected livestock associations. NS&GP also strongly supports the American Sheep Industry’s reorganization of the American Goat Federation.

These representations help decide the direction and national support of the American sheep and goat industries – not to mention Nebraska’s sheep and goat industries. NS&GP gives a voice to all of Nebraska’s 1,600 sheep and goat producers.

The Nebraska Sheep & Goat Producers Association is the only statewide organization representing and supporting the interests of both sheep and goat producers for the entire state of Nebraska.

Our Mission

The Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers is a domestic livestock association formed to foster, support, protect, and promote the best interests of the sheep and goat producers in the State of Nebraska and the United States of America.

Meet The Board

Nebraska Sheep & Goat Producers Association strives to represent all facets of the sheep and goat industries. We achieve this by holding elections by district once every three years. The Board of Directors is composed of current members in good standing with the association who are selected on their abilities to best represent their respective industry. To learn more about your board click here.