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Easter Dinner

Are you looking for something different to make for Easter dinner? American lamb is becoming readily available in many groceries store chains. Here is an easy recipe to try. Sticky Lamb Ribs Ingredients: 1 kg (2 pounds) Lamb ribs (Ask... Continue Reading →

American Lamb Board Launches Outdoor Cooking Adventures Contest

For more information and resources visit  One year since the pandemic began, the great outdoors and grilling seem to be attracting people across the country. To help consumers put these passions to work and possibly win prizes, the American... Continue Reading →

Goat Recipes

Please visit Jack & Mauldin's Boer Goat page for an excellent list of recipes for goat!

USDA Tips for Cooking Goat

USDA Grades Goat is produced from animals less than a year old. Since the quality of goat varies according to the age of the animal, it is advisable to buy goat that has been USDA graded. USDA Prime: Prime grade... Continue Reading →

Flavor Pairings with Lamb

Traditional herbs and flavors like mint, garlic, rosemary, red wine and thyme continue to be the core flavors paired with lamb entrée dishes, according to a quantitative research study of fine dining operations by Datassential MenuTrends™. The study which analyzed... Continue Reading →

Test Your Lamb Knowledge

The American Lamb Board has released its Curriculamb - a new online culinary education guide for culinary students, culinary instructors and professional chefs. The Curriculamb includes lesson plans on the U.S. sheep industry, buying and handling lamb, carcass and cut... Continue Reading →

Goat Milk for Allergies

Though cross-reactivity can happen, many people who are allergic to cow’s milk find that they can drink and eat dairy products made from goat milk. The reason is, each species has slightly different proteins in their milk and, of those... Continue Reading →

Key to Tender Lamb: Let it Hang

Perhaps the biggest misconception of eating lamb is that it’s tough. As with any other meat, tenderness is dependent on proper processing and cooking. Here are some tips to putting great-tasting lamb on your plate: Buy local, so you can... Continue Reading →

First Rule in Cooking Goat: Don’t Overcook

People new to goats are often surprised that you can eat them. Many people do! Meat goat breeds, such as Boer and Kiko, are raised specifically for consumer markets. Many consumers find they enjoy goat meat in Mediterranean recipes. Many... Continue Reading →

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