Andrea Nisley, Nebraska Make It With Wool Director

Karla Herrarte of Lexington, in the Junior Division, Aretta Brennemann of Curtis, in the Senior Division and Kelsey Patton of Stromsburg in the Adult Division will be Nebraska’s delegates to the National Finals of the Make It With Wool Contest. They were chosen November 20 by judges at the state contest conducted by Make It With Wool State Director Andrea Nisley of Lexington. Contestants participated in the state contest at the Adams County Extension Office in Hastings.

The National Make It With Wool Contest scheduled for January 20-22, 2022 is in San Diego, California.

In the Junior Division, the first-place winner was Karla Herrarte, Lexington. Second place in the Junior Division was Grace Brennemann of Curtis, who received a Bernina sewing machine. Other contestants earning honors were third place winner Sydni Ringenberg, Lexington; fourth place winner Ariel Rhea, Lexington; fifth place winner Abbie Owens, Lexington; sixth place winner Emma Olson, Sargent; and seventh place winner Delilah Solis, Lexington. Other junior participants were Kourtney Keller, Sidney; Katie Olson, Sargent; Daniela Solis, Lexington; Maura Tichota, Yutan; Justine Wilkinson, Morrill; and Jessica Wilkinson, Morrill.

In the Preteen Division, the first place winner was Greta Rickertsen, Lexington who received a sewing basket with sewing notions. Second place winner was Jaden Hunke, Lexington; third place, Maya Soria, Kearney; fourth place, Nevaeh Sauer, Lexington; fifth place, Mathias Pepplitsch, Lexington; sixth place, Mollie Spradlin, Cozad; seventh place, Silas Andrews, Page; eighth place, Benjamin Dones, Lexington; and ninth place, Ezra Solis, Lexington. Other preteen contestants were Ella Brennemann, Curtis; Lila Brennemann, Hyannis; Melissa Montano, Kearney; Julia Nicholson, Chadron; Millie Pepplitsch, Lexington; Vanessa Peterson, Lincoln; Lorelai Rickertsen, Lexington; Leah Sauer, Lexington; Wesley Thompson, Lexington; and Jake Wilkinson, Morrill.

First place in the Senior Division was Aretta Brennemann of Curtis.

In the Adult Division, the first-place winner was Kelsey Patton, Stromsburg. Second place was Delores Brennemann, Hyannis.