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Nebraska Does Well At NMIWW

A Dream Come True... Saidi Ringenberg of Lexington (right) received first place in the Senior Division of the National Make It With Wool competition, January 19-21, in Fort Worth, Texas. Emma Olson of Sargent (left) was fourth runner-up in the... Continue Reading →

West Lambing And Kidding School


ORF VIRUS (Soremouth Infection)

By the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention INFECTION IN ANIMALS                  Sore mouth is principally found in sheep and goats. In the United States, 40% of sheep operations reported sore mouth infections within their flock during 1998-2000, this according... Continue Reading →

East Lambing and Kidding School

UNL Extension and the Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers Association have prepared a great program for your educational needs to prepare you for your upcoming lambing and kidding season. Pre-registration deadline is January 18th. Lambing and Kidding flyer and agendaDownload

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SORIA, OLSON, RINGENBERG, BRENNEMANN STATE WOOL CONTEST DIVISION WINNERSAndrea Nisley, UNL Extension EducatorEmma Olson of Sargent, in the Junior Division, Saidi Ringen-berg of Lexington, in the Senior Division and Delores Bren-nemann of Hyannis in the Adult Division will be Nebraska’s... Continue Reading →

Seasonal demand for goat meat versus seasonal supply of goats

I get questions regarding the best time of year to breed/kid to meet peak demand or carcass meat and thus get highest prices for slaughter goats. The short answer is to have slaughter goats ready for sale/shipment one to two... Continue Reading →

2022 Sheep and Goat Extravaganza Conference

Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers Association Approximately 25 sheep and goat producers from around the state attended the Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producers Association (NSGPA) in North Platte on September 24 and 25.  This two-day event was held in conjunction... Continue Reading →

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2022 Ted & Alice Doane Award

The 2022 Ted & Alice Doane Service Award was awarded to long time member and current board member Al Weeder.  Al has been a member of the Nebraska Sheep & Goat Producers for so many years that he can’t even... Continue Reading →

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