December 8, 2020

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DENVER — In May 2020, the American Sheep Industry Association rolled out the ASI Research Update Podcast. The podcast focuses on industry experts sharing relevant sheep production practices and industry research each month. The ASI Research Update Podcast provides American sheep producers access to a wealth of information on management, production and research topics to benefit their operation.

The following podcasts are available:

  • Choosing the Right Parasite Treatment with Dr. Lisa Williamson, University of Georgia;
  • Breeding for Parasite Resistance with Dr. Scott Bowdridge, West Virginia University;
  • Vaccination Program with Rosie Busch, DVM, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine;
  • Ram Selection and Management with Brent Roeder, Montana State University;
  • Breeding Season Flock Management with Dr. Whit Stewart, University of Wyoming;
  • Lamb Management – Weaning Time/When to Wean with Dr. Bruce Shanks, Lincoln University;
  • Nonlethal Predator Management Methods with Dr. John Tomecek, Texas A&M University and Dan Macon, University of California Cooperative Extension.

“As an organization, ASI is continually searching for new and improved ways to distribute information to our members. These podcasts do that in a way that is very accessible to anyone seeking high quality information about sheep production.” said Jimmy Parker, ASI Production, Education and Research Council chair.

“These podcasts add value in multiple ways as producers can gain valuable knowledge in a convenient way that fits into their schedule, while researchers gain recognition for their efforts for working on sheep industry issues. The podcasts give broad access to hard-earned data that might otherwise be overlooked by industry partners. It is truly a win for the sheep industry.”

According to ASI President Benny Cox, “Sheep producers are looking for information to help them be efficient and profitable. The ASI Research Update Podcasts offer a vast amount of information on relevant topics that producers can access at their convenience. I would encourage all producers — regardless of the size of their flocks — to take advantage of this valuable resource. I think most producers will find some nuggets of information they can put to use in their own operations.”

Upcoming podcasts will explore topics covering lethal predator management methods, shearing, winter ewe nutrition, preparing for lambing, controlling internal parasites, and grazing management.

ASI partners with university extension personnel to identify topics and guests for the monthly podcasts. Jake Thorne with Texas A&M University hosts the monthly podcast.

Producers can listen to the ASI Research Update Podcast from anywhere on one’s phone, tablet or laptop. Visit and search for American Sheep Industry to tune-in. The podcast can also be accessed from the Microsoft App Store and Google Play.

ASI is an equal opportunity employer. It is the national trade organization supported by

45 state sheep associations, benefiting the interests of more than 100,000 sheep producers.